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Tron Figures from Diamond Select Toys at Walgreens Now

Earlier this year, Diamond Select Toys revealed that they were creating action figures based on the original 1982 Tron film! The first assortment includes Tron, Sark, Kevin Flynn in red, and a Walgreens Exclusive Kevin Flynn in blue. Reports are showing up online that the figures are now available at Walgreens. The assortment for Walgreens differs from the figures that will be hitting comic shops and online stores next month. The comic and specialty shop assortments will include more accessories, as well as the parts to build the Recognizer.

Click Here to see the pictures
Click Here to watch a review on Tron 1 and 2


Mexico’s All-Female Mariachi Bands Are Shaking Up Tradition

It’s a drizzly Sunday afternoon in Tlaquepaque, a Mexican city known as much for its ceramics and pottery as it is for its mariachi culture. In a traditional Mexican restaurant and bar called El Patio, the atmosphere is buzzing. Families dine on large plates of pescado and pollo in mole sauce and share stories, while steps away in the eatery’s central al fresco courtyard, two dancers donning colorful baile folklorico dresses stand at the ready on a raised wooden stage. Suddenly, a melody of voices fills the air, followed by the sounds of trumpets and violins. It’s the iconic mariachi song Guadalajara, which the band members sing as they work their way around the restaurant, the dancers twirling and stomping their feet in unison. It’s all very normal for Mexico’s Jalisco state—the birthplace of Mariachi music—save for one major aspect: the band is entirely female.


Happy Hippie Presents: Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande - Don't Dream It's Over


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